Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Where are the VC internships in NYC?

I thought it would be useful to any incoming (or current) students of the NYC-based business schools to know which firms currently have interns working part-time during the semester or full time during the summer.

When I started my process, I had to figure out which firms would be good targets by networking and talking to alot of folks, and I think that is definitely an important part of the process. However, I think seeing which firms have interns currently (and when the interns are expected to graduate) may help you in targeting your search.

Here goes...and feel free to add comments if you know of other firms in the area that I missed that have interns now or have done it in the past. Or if you know of an opening.

Another good place to look for VC internships is the PEHub website. They typically have an 'internship roundup' each year where they encourage firms to post.

Chart Venture Partners (one of the partners is a CBS alum and has had multiple CBS interns)
DFJ Gotham (CBS 2008 - also have had CBS interns in past years)
Milestone Venture Partners (CBS 2008 currently interning)
Updata (was seeking an intern as of last semester)
RRE (consistently has had CBS interns over many years)
Contour Ventures(currently have an NYU 2008 intern)
Silicon Alley Venture Partners-Greenhill (have had CBS interns in the past, they were looking for one as of a few weeks ago)
Parkview Ventures (CBS 2008)
Stonehenge (CBS 2008, one of the partners is a CBS alum)
Investor Growth Capital (CBS 2009, formerly had a CBS 2008 intern)

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