Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Although I haven't made much progress on the before school TODO list, I decided tonight was the night I would take the CareerLeader.com assessment tests.

According to the CareerLeader site, here's the purpose:

CareerLeader is an integrated approach to business career self-assessment. Developed by Drs. Timothy Butler (Director of Career Development Programs at the Harvard Business School) and James Waldroop of Peregrine Partners, CareerLeader is used by over 260 top business schools and corporations worldwide to help guide their students' and employees' careers.

After about an hour of answering questions about what kinds of jobs I would like, what kind of environments I like to work in, and what kinds of rewards do I find...rewarding(?) the system developed a bunch of reports and opinions about me.

Interestingly, it seemed to have me pegged for someone who would enjoy general management and entrepreneurship. I would say both of those functional areas are certainly of interest to me, so maybe this tool knows what it is talking about!

The best thing about it, however, is that there is a venue for anonymous 360 degree feedback so you can have current and former coworkers come in and rate you anonymously. This is an area that unfortunately I haven't had the chance to participate in thus far in my career. I picked a good mix of people who report to me, my boss, and those who I work with but are not in my reporting structure. Once four or more people respond, I will get to see the 360 degree feedback. I'm looking forward to it!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Last night I attended the new admit event at Columbia. It was held in the Low Library and has a nice open bar with some great canapes (I _love_ canapes...just ask my wife). Linda Meehan, Director of Admissions, spoke briefly as did Dean Glenn Hubbard, but mostly it was alot of socializing with alums, new admits, current students, and professors. I was happy with the spread of experiences and lifestages of the class as well. We had your typical 'business-y' folks who worked in banking, hedge funds, trading, etc but also had some non traditional folks (like the guy who runs a surfwear clothing company and was a gallery artist prior to coming to school) which was cool to see. Everyone was down to earth and there were a bunch of folks who were married as well, which was good to see (I'm not the only one!).

Sunday, December 03, 2006

One more post for the day...

My man Marquis (I worked with him at my first job out of college) has a blog that he used to chronicle his applicant experiences and then student experiences at Stanford GSB. It is awesome, very detailed, and worth checking out if you are an applicant or even a current student. You can get it at http://marquisweblog.blogspot.com/ !

So far I have been pleasantly surprised by the student loan application process. Everything was web based so far, and through Citibank I was pre-approved for my loan. I just received some postal and email regarding next steps (which I need to follow up on!) but it is ALOT easier than my undergrad days when everything was paper-based (although admittedly my Dad filled out all the forms for me!)

My philosophy on borrowing is to borrow tutition and then finance living expenses out of my savings. I haven't been on a fixed income in 7 years or so, so I think it may take some getting used to. Although I save, I am not much of a budgeter! Anyways, its only for 16 months, then I'll be working again.

Although this blog will be focused on MBA-related stuff, and fairly specific to Columbia's program, I wanted to share a cool Internet video player/aggregator called Democracy that I just became aware of through one of my favor techy-geek sites, Slashdot.

Democracy basically builds channels of video from various video sites, BitTorrent, etc and then allows you to search and download them. Right now I'm looking at some of the videos categorized as 'media' (lots of politcally/socially tinged stuff). Check it out!