Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Last night I attended the new admit event at Columbia. It was held in the Low Library and has a nice open bar with some great canapes (I _love_ canapes...just ask my wife). Linda Meehan, Director of Admissions, spoke briefly as did Dean Glenn Hubbard, but mostly it was alot of socializing with alums, new admits, current students, and professors. I was happy with the spread of experiences and lifestages of the class as well. We had your typical 'business-y' folks who worked in banking, hedge funds, trading, etc but also had some non traditional folks (like the guy who runs a surfwear clothing company and was a gallery artist prior to coming to school) which was cool to see. Everyone was down to earth and there were a bunch of folks who were married as well, which was good to see (I'm not the only one!).

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