Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good evening fellow bloggers and lurkers. A couple of things to report...

Last week we received our Strategy Formulation midterm back and got the highest grade possible! This was great news and also validation for the amount of work we put in on this one. Rather than an in-class exam, the midterm involved us reading a case about a company (Husky - a company in the injection molding space) and then working with our study group to produce a set of industry analyses and strategic recommendations.

Although Strategy sometimes gets a bad rap as 'fluffy' (i.e. no math :), at Columbia they do wrap in some quant stuff. For example, we recently had to develop estimated NPV calculations and a payoff matrix that allowed us to analyze options for two industry players (in this case, Newscorp and British Satellite Broadcasting). In our midterm, we had to analyze the cost structure of a customer and determine how that cost structure affected the price Husky was able to charge those customers for injection molding machines.

I also received my client assignment for the Small Business Consulting Program. I'll be working with McClure's Pickles, a small regional gourmet pickler. Definitely an interesting client, and should let me apply some of this stuff I'm learning in class. :)

Other than that, we're in exam season. Accounting midterm is on Monday, Strategy final on Thursday, and then Stat on Friday. Starting to feel overwhelmed but everyone else is in the same boat, so I probably shouldn't complain!

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