Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just got back from the basketball court. Intermural hoops have begun and my cluster just faced off against Cluster Z. Ultimately they prevailed but we did have a pretty good time turning the ball over repeatedly :)

Today we had the Small Business Consulting Program mixer. This was a chance for us to meet the companies that we might want to work with. Some of the ones that seemed cool were a spicy pickle manufacturer, a non-profit website devoted to bringing travel experiences to primary and secondary school students, an eco-friendly pet toy company, and a children's party throwing company (run by a guy I went to undergrad with). I have no idea how the pairing process works, but I am pretty confident I will be able to find a company that I'd enjoy helping.

On Tuesday we presented the results of our analysis of a case related to a company called Husky. This was part of our Strategy Formulation midterm grade. The presentation went well and it turned out that our key recommendation was actually followed by Husky. So that was pretty cool...

Spent about 4 hours last night working on Corporate Finance homework. It is the class I am learning the most in, and also the class I am working the hardest in. I never thought I would say this, but I actually really like it. But don't get me wrong -- this doesn't mean I want to go into investment banking :) Not that there's anything wrong with that.

This Saturday night my clustermate's wife is having a little birthday outing at a champagne bar, which should be fun, and then Sunday there is a 'Significant Others Club' dinner which I'll be going to with my wife. And then after dinner, more basketball! Cluster Y, beware...

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