Friday, March 30, 2007

Last night, myself and about 10 other students had the fortune of attending a dinner with the SVP of Compliance at CA, Pat Gnazzo as part of Leadership and Ethics week. Professor Ray Horton (he runs the Social Enterprise program at school and teaches a very popular class called Modern Political Economy) was the host.

Pat shared alot of war stories with us and talked about how he and his team are transforming CA and helping it become incredible focused on what he called a culture of 'open communication'. I found it interesting (and refreshing) that he didn't focus on right or wrong or moralizing, but on how to build a corporate environment where communication (in all directions) was encouraged. He feels strongly that such a culture is key to preventing many of the ethics and compliance issues that companies are dealing with today. It made alot of sense to me as well.

Today I applied for a part-time internship at It's a service that media companies can use to get video from independent journalists and then use that video on their programs. I _think_ the internship is in business development because the guy who posted the job is a director of bizdev, but I won't know until I meet them next week in person. I'll let you know how it goes.

In rugby news, I managed to tweak my back today in practice getting tackled. I'm hoping it feels better in the morning but right now it is pretty darn stiff. Maybe I'll break out the heating bad after dinner...

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