Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Beer Game

Tonight we played the 'Beer Game' for our Operations Management class.

The Beer Game is a supply chain simulation where you split 4-8 students into 4 groups, each group representing a part of the beer distribution and retailing supply chain. The goal is to have the least inventory across your supply chain at the end of the game, while at the same time minimizing unfulfilled demand. Our team got creamed (it's never a good sign when the professor cackles wildly when he looks at your screen) but it was fun and we certainly learned what not to do.

The other reason it is called the Beer Game is because they bring us beer which we drink during the game. Not a bad deal!

Afterwards a bunch of folks in my cluster went to play poker, but I have a case to read for tomorrow so I decided to come home and work on that (and blog, apparently :)

This weekend should be fun. There are 5 J-termers who are having birthdays this weekend so they rented out a loft downtown and are throwing a big bash. And I was asked to DJ, which should be great. I haven't spun records in a while, so I might need to practice up before I get up there.

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Gabriel said...

hehehe that one is a classic :D

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