Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Back in Beantown

I'm back home in Boston for a couple of days. I'm going to hit the Red Sox game with my Dad tomorrow and then hang out with my Mom and little brother on Thursday before heading back into the city. Perhaps I'll catch some fireworks as well! Or maybe a flyball - I think our seats are on the short porch in right field at Fenway, and their opponent, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, are pretty awful.

This past Saturday night I DJed at the 5-way birthday party held by some of my J-term compadres at a loft on Canal Street. It was a great party and the organizing birthday boys also made it into a fundraiser to support some of our classmates who are planning to run the NY Marathon this fall. I hadn't DJ'd for a live audience in over a year, so I was worried about there being some cobwebs, but my set went over really well and I heard alot of good feedback. I'm hoping to get out on the turntables alot more this coming year.

Next week the company I'm interning for is going out to informally talk with investors, and I will be coming along to listen and learn. I'm very excited for this since it will give me a chance to meet VCs in person and hopefully start establishing relationships. My plan is to try to get some sort of VC-related independent study for the fall, so I need to get cracking in the next month to make that happen.

On the way up from NYC to Boston tonight I also caught up with my friend who is starting a software company. I'm giving them advice on their business plan, fundraising, etc, and helping them prep for an analyst call next week. (By analyst I mean IT industry analyst, not VC analyst). There is also some talk of me going out to an industry conference with them in September to help them market and sell the product, which would be fun.

Also, I wanted to share a posting from PsyBlog that talks about why career planning is time wasted. I thought this was a great article, and hopefully makes you feel better if you're stressed out about which post-MBA career path to take. As my wife always says, "It will all work out." So just listen to my wife and you'll be fine. It has worked pretty well for me :)

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