Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Meeting with a VC

This afternoon I met with a principal from a late-stage VC here in the city. This was a follow-up to a meeting I had last week (which was made through a connection on LinkedIn via a woman I used to work with prior to business school). I thought it went very well and I think I had a good rapport with the person I met with. He told me to keep in touch and that there may potentially be either an internship or a full-time opportunity in the coming year. So we will see.

Here are some of the questions I was asked, in case you are curious what sorts of questions might be asked of you in a VC interview...

- Why do you want to get into VC?
- What opportunities for investment do you see in the space you worked in prior to business school?
- How did you do academically in your undergrad program?
- Discuss your involvement in vendor selection at your previous jobs.
- Talk about leadership experience you've had.
- Tell me about what you perceive to be the functions of the job.


C said...


Hmm why do you think you were asked about your undergrad academic performance? I would think going through b-school you were already "vetted".


John said...

C - sorry for the late reply on this one, just digging through a pile of unread email now...

Not sure why I was asked about the GPA. This firm as well as one other asked me about it.