Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Networking updates

Today I got confirmations on calls with two corp dev guys - one is from Dell (introduction made through LinkedIn by a clustermate) and one is from Akamai (where I was once a customer). Both of these should be really good. Also have an in-person with a VC on Friday! This was set up through an introduction that one of my former co-workers made (again through LinkedIn). This is my first in-person VC informational, and I am really looking forward to it.

P.S. Is this an ad for LinkedIn or what? :)


simple man said...

according to the j-term johnny blog, the jan program is being cut by a 1/3 to prepare for the move to the new campus. this january there will only be 2 clusters instead of 3. nice odds for us applying this year.

IS it true ? any info on this welcome

John said...

I know there are some admissions folks on the Businessweek boards, you may want to speak with them to get additional information on this. They would be able to give the official word as to whether or not this will happen for sure.

Gabriel said...

Hehehe I see you're quite happy with linkedIn ;)