Saturday, July 28, 2007

One more week of classes

Another semester almost comes to a close...we're almost 2nd years. Hasn't quite sunk in yet, but probably will soon. I'm trying to get caught up on a few assignments (I swear I wasn't procrastinating!) that I need to hand in this week while trying to juggle a few social 'obligations' (J-term's last Happy Hour, J-term poker tourney, and my 30th birthday). This is the 2nd time this semester that I've felt a bit overwhelmed. I am glad I am not doing traditional recruiting, else my head would probably explode. There have been a ton of events, and if you're not sure which major feeder industry you like (i.e. consulting or banking), you'll find yourself out at least a couple nights a week on top of your usual social life. I imagine something has got to give, that you prioritize, blah blah blah, but it must be challenging.

Last night we had no official happy hour since our fearless J-term leaders are (I think) using the monies to defer the cost of our last happy hour (on a boat in the East River), but we improvised and hit a spot in the West Village. We had some good Cluster X and Y representation and I think a few Z'ers were there, too.

My part-time job has been going well, too. We almost have the business plan completed and will start on the investor slide deck shortly. I'm also going to be responsible for creating our marketing plan. Still nothing super positive on the VC independent study front, but did speak to a couple more corp dev folks who were very helpful.

Gotta keep on chugging...

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