Tuesday, October 02, 2007

two tips

1) If you are sick of food at Uris Deli, there is a good hot/cold buffet at the Fu Foundation building (the engineering school, behind Uris). It's not a price break from what you'd find elsewhere near campus, but the food is decent, and you can always get a seat.

2) If you visit a school, take it easy and don't be pushy with the admissions staff, especially when asking to see specific members of their team. There was a guy in the admissions office the other day who was emphatic that he wanted to see Linda Meehan (dean of admissions) because he met her at an event, and continued to press even after he was told that she was really busy. As a bystander, it didn't look good, and I imagine that if the people in admissions remembered anything about that candidate, it was that he was obnoxious. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Cliche, yes, true, yes.

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Anonymous said...

Thank for taking time to share your views with us, it really helps a lot of fellow applicants as well as current admits.

One of the biggest problems that new CBS students (esp those that are from out of state) anticipate to face is the housing in NY. Could you please shed your views on this topic. Fully understanding that a lot of information is available for admitted students at the university housing website, an honest commentary from you on this topic based on your first hand experience would be invaluable. University housing, as I understand, is only available for international students or for California residents.

What is the situation outside university housing but still close to the campus?

Does everyone go through crasigslist or some folks also use university off campus housing services (OCHS)?

What is range of rent for studios or 1-bedroom close to campus?

Does private renters rent apts to full time students who do not have jobs?

Sorry for so many questions. Thanks in advance.

A Confused Soul