Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bidding results, no word from Google

Round 1 results are in. I got the Venture Capital Seminar taught by two partners from RRE Ventures, Applied Regression Analysis (this is purely because the prof is one of the most (in)famous at the school), Greenwald's Economics of Strategic Behavior (which usually goes for a ton of bid points but by some fluke only went for 1 point this year), and a bunch of other random stuff I bid on. However, I didn't get Security Analysis with Michael Mauboussin, which is a bummer. Such is life when you've got to bid on electives! I still have 8800 points in the bank which means I should be able to pick up something decent next round, if I need to.

Still no firm word from Google. The recruiter has been responding to my emails but it appears they still are making decisions. She thinks they'll get back to me today. :)

Also planning on meeting with an entrepreneur tonight. It's a guy in the EMBA program who is starting a digital media company. Should be interesting.


Jeff Heuer said...

Hey John,

Came across your blog today via a search on Mauboussin... happy to see another CBS blogger. Looks like we're in Business, Technology & Innovation together. While it's not as b-school focused as yours, you might be interested in some of my posts at micromotives.com. Curious to hear about your recruiting efforts -- I think we have similar backgrounds, and I'm exploring my options now.

John said...

Jeff - just sent you a message to your school email box