Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This looks cool - Social Responsibility PE fund internship

These guys are looking for a CBS intern -- looks like a neat opportunity:

Main Street Resources ( is a niche private equity shop interested in launching a socially responsible private equity fund. The opportunity for one or two CBS interns is to work directly with Dan Levinson, Founder/GP, on the strategic plan for the fund and thereafter fundraising and putting out the fund.

Initial phase will involve research/conception/drafting while latter stage will involve execution. Related topics will be pursued as well - such as presenting findings at CBS, writing a paper on "How a SR CEO can live consistently at home with SR" - and lots more. One goal is to conceive of, raise and put out a cutting edge successful fund - while promoting the concept and project so as to influence thinking in this area. Team will consist of Dan and the intern(s).

In other news, had a great phone interview with a firm today, should have a followup in person next week.

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