Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CBS Launches Blog called "Public Offering"

As a blogger, I am very happy to announce that CBS has finally launched its own blog!

There are a bunch of posts up there now, and I assume more to come. Also, people are already commenting, which I think is a good sign that there will be alot of engagement.

Also, there is a post from fellow J-termer Ryan Petersen, who is working on a school project in Africa as we speak. His personal blog is here.


simple man said...

NO RSS feeds for the CBS blog

could u please raise this with the school??


John said...

I am trying to get in touch with the folks who run the blog (I'd like them to link to me :) and I'll bring this up when I reach them.

Anonymous said...

Hi John - Can you contact me about blogging w/ CBS? My uni is js2372. Best, Jill