Sunday, January 20, 2008


I figured I would give a shotout to the guys who started Intrabid. Holger and Nico are guys who were in my Launching New Ventures class and are launching their company while they are still in school.

The reason I think the company is providing a useful service is that most commerce between students at CBS (selling books, selling furniture, finding someone to sell them an extra Follies ticket, etc) is done via email lists. In this day and age, email is a pretty clunky way to handle it, and Intrabid plans to mediate these interactions through a community-based website.

Here is the blurb they just sent to a bunch of students at school. Check out the site if you have a chance and support CBS entrepreneurship!

Dear fellow students,

Have you ever felt annoyed by all the NOTICES, MARKETPLACE, and REAL ESTATE mails of students wanting to sell furniture, textbooks or any other items that fill up your Columbia mailbox? Or do you want to sell items to your fellow students and see no other opportunity than sending out mails with all the hassle that comes along with it? We developed the solution for you: – The Community-Based Auction.

For those who don’t know us, Holger and I are second year MBA students at CBS who developed over the past year. In short, Intrabid is a community-based online marketplace through which college and graduate students can auction products and services amongst their peers on campus and buy new items at exclusive student discounts from established corporate partners. As such, we envision being a one-stop shop for college and graduate students where they can buy and sell any product or service in a secured and closed environment. We obviously expect all of you to be our first users once we officially launch. In the meantime, already check out the Intrabid teaser on or take a tour of the platform on

We plan to launch our pilot at Columbia University and NYU, so please forward this mail and talk about Intrabid to any student you might know outside the business school at Columbia or at NYU. We are counting on your support,

Nico & Holger

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