Friday, February 22, 2008

Social Enterprise Fellowship Program @ CBS

This email just came in related to the social enterprise program at Columbia. Basically, the school helps to subsidize students who spend their summer working with non-profits, NGOs, etc. Pretty cool...

Are you interested in working for a nonprofit, NGO or government organization this summer? How about with a social entrepreneur or a social venture capital firm?

Join us to learn about the Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship Program which provides support to students pursuing internships in these fields. First-year and second-year students graduating in the spring can apply for summer fellowships, and J-term students can apply for full-time 2-week mini-internships. This program is available to all Columbia MBA students. To learn more about the program please visit

Last year we supported 37 students in the US and around the world. Students have contributed their business skills to organizations including:

Acumen Fund | Agora Partnerships | Alzheimer’s Association | Ashoka | Asian Development Bank | Blue Ridge Foundation | Clinton Global Initiative | Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy | Community Development Venture Capital Alliance | Community Resource Exchange | Dalberg | Department of Health and Human Services | Echoing Green | Education Pioneers | Endeavor | Environmental Defense | Fate Foundation USA | Freedom From Hunger | Investors Circle Foundation | National Resources Defense Council | New York City Economic Development Corporation | Planet Finance | New York Philharmonic | Nonprofit Finance Fund | Robin Hood Foundation | Sesame Workshop | Terra Nova Advisors | Teach for America | United Nations Development Program | United Way | Women’s World Banking…and many more!

If you have any questions about the program, are considering applying for funding, or are in the midst of pursuing other opportunities but might consider a social enterprise internship please contact Larcy Cooper at

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