Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mail it in, the dishes are done, the fat lady sang, that's all she wrote, etc

I just left the last class of my business school career. I think it was fitting that it was one of the best classes here at CBS, Economics of Strategic Behavior. Greenwald got some major applause and a bunch of people brought their copies of "Competition Demystified" up to the front to get his signature. Not sure if that makes the book worth more on eBay but it's certainly a nice touch :)

Now I'm here in the admissions office doing Hermes Office Hours (we're here to answer questions for students who happen to pop by the admissions office) and then I am off to join a bunch of J-termers at the Boat Basin for some drinks before Follies. The afterparty is downtown at a club that the events planning committee lined up for our exclusive use, and the Office of Student Life has provided buses to shuttle people from the show to the club and back all night. That is a nice touch - thanks OSL!

I have talked to a few people today and one thing that has come up multiple times is that people are feeling emotional. It hasn't hit me yet but it will probably sneak up on me at some point. Luckily we still have some time before graduation and between the Puerto Rico trip and Dis-orientation Week there is plenty of quality time to be had.

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