Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My thoughts on graduation

The business school recognition ceremony took place on Sunday. Over 600 of my fellow CBSers and I assembled to hear some speeches, spend time with our families who have stuck by us through he process, and enjoy a few final hours together as a class.

The ceremony was well put together, and more importantly, held underneath tents so we weren't drenched by the monsoon that was going through New York City at the time :) Dean Hubbard gave some opening words and then introduced Jerry Speyer, of the real estate powerhouse Tishman Speyer. Jerry is CBS class of 1964, and shared with the audience a great story about his old Columbia College friend who had lost his eyesight during their time at school and overcame the disability to do great things.

I'm oversimplifying the story quite a bit (here is the full version), but the best part was when the friend was left to fend for himself on the NYC subway by another friend (some friend, eh?). Well, the guy made it back to campus on his own, and then learned that his friend (who happened to be Art Garfunkel!) was actually following him the whole time! A great story and one that the crowd really loved.

The student speech was great as well. Venk Varadan, a fellow J-termer and member of the GBA, gave a talk about his trip to Kilimanjaro, where he met a CBS alum 30+ years his senior who was also making the trek in terrible conditions. In fact, the alum was a member of Columbia Business School's Class of 1969, dubbed "The Whiz Kids" by Forbes Magazine, which graduated heavy hitters like Henry Kravis, Erskine Bowles, and Lew Frankfort. What are the chances that this sort of chance encounter would occur? I have no idea (stats wasn't my best subject) but it's gotta be small :)

My thoughts on the day? It went fast, and it still hasn't hit me yet, although I am sitting here on Tuesday morning jobless and still unsure of where I will be sitting next year (other than that I'll have two beautiful baby girls!)

I'm also thinking about...yes...the blog! Since I'm out of school now, I'm not sure how much realism or value I'll be able to add about the CBS experience. I had a couple of thoughts (which are not mutually exclusive):

1) Hand the blog down to another CBS J-termer

2) Start a new blog and focus more on my career interests (commenting on media, tech, VC, etc) and personal life

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on these ideas (or get some volunteers to take this baby over!) :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on graduation. Dont turn the blog down :(

Anonymous said...

Keep on blogging, Johnny!!!