Friday, June 27, 2008

J-term entrepreneurs getting some press

My friend Ryan Petersen from Cluster Y 2008 just had his startup ImportGenius discussed on the Freakonmics Blog. It was also recently profiled on as well. It's a pretty interesting concept.

You should also read this post Ryan wrote for the CBS blog about starting a business while in school. A must read for any applicant who is wondering why they should choose CBS as a place to launch their startup.


Ryan Petersen said...

Thanks for the shout-out John! Let's do lunch soon...

omri.eventov said...

John hi,

My name is Omri and I'm from Israel.
I'm currently working on my application to Columbia and read quite a few posts in your blog.

I would be more than happy to get you email and ask you a few questions since I also wish to work for a VC after B-School.


Omri Even-Tov

John said...

Omri -- would be happy to email with you. Please reach out to me via LinkedIn InMail and I can respond that way. Or, you could post your questions here and I could answer them to the benefit of the other readers.

omri.eventov said...


Thanks for getting back to me so fast.

I read a lot about Columbia master classes and teaching through experience instead of referring only to theory. Since I've worked for the past years at PwC as an evaluator and also worked for media companies in different positions, my goal is to go and work for one of the big VCs that specializes in Media (content) in order to utilize my experience in evaluating companies and working in my field of knowledge as well as expend my knowledge in taking companies and escorting them from day 1, when it's only a pre mature idea, to the exit stage. I would also like to widen my connections and learning more about the methodology behind the operation of a VC so I could start my own VC some day.

The reason that my passion is to content in Media comes from my past. In the 5 last years I've developed and sold a few shows for network cables and internet websites and am consistently thinking of new ideas for TV, internet and cellular.

After reading your blog, I got the feeling that you might help me fulfill my dream and get into a leading MBA program.

I would love to hear your insights on how Columbia could help me achieve my goals, what makes Columbia unique in compare to other programs. If you can share with me some of the courses which relate to my goals or the clubs and connections I might get during the two years studying and living in Columbia that would be priceless for me.



John said...

Omri- we have a very strong media program and some great professors (Knee, Greenwald) who teach classes in it. Also the media management association is very active and helps quite a bit in helping students find jobs, internships, etc. I recommend looking for posts I've tagged as 'media' or 'venture capital' to get more specifics on those topics.

omri.eventov said...


Thanks a lot for all the help.

Wish you all the best and love the Blog.