Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Uncle Richie said it best

I just sent out an update to my family about our soon-to-be-born twin girls (28 weeks, everything is looking good) and my Uncle Richie sent me this gem back in response:

That is great and enjoy these nice quiet moments while you can before all hell breaks loose.

I think that pretty much says it all!


Suvir said...


I am an international student planning to apply for the J-Term.I wanted to know whether J-Term students are eligible for the No Cosigner Citiassist Loan?What are the terms and conditions for the same.Also are J-Term students considered for fellowships and scholarship?

John said...

Hi--I would check with the financial aid folks at CBS regarding the loan as I'm not very familiar with aid for international students.

Regarding scholarships & fellowships, J-termers are most definitely eligible. In fact, there is at least one person I know in J-term who did receive a scholarship/fellowship (and there are probably a bunch that I don't know about as well).