Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tech careers post-CBS

There was a comment made on my last post and I thought I would devote a post to the comment. (Thanks for reading and for asking the question, mystery commenter! :)

Here is the comment:

Hi John,

How are you doing Big Daddy? I have few questions about CBS. I am a technology professional working in West Coast. I want to apply to CBS for fall 09. I am looking to move into business development in Technology firms. I am fascinated by CBS for its New York location. Any inputs on "how often do you see CBS students pursuing career in technology? even if they write technology in essays, does adcom suspect that applicant is seeking an admit through back door and finally wants to go to IB because we are in NY?"

And here is my response:

Big Daddy is doing great, thanks for asking :) We're at 32 weeks and counting.

CBS does have a strong, core group of folks who are pursuing careers in new media and technology. Admittedly, that group's size does not rival the number of future i-bankers and management consultants, but it is a pretty vibrant group and one that in my experience is very passionate about the sector.

I can't really comment on what the adcom is thinking related to your admissions essays, but I would recommend to just be yourself and be truthful about what you want to do once at CBS, and afterwards. If you're able to tell a logical account of "why CBS, why now, and why the future career path given your past experiences" I think you will be fine.

What you end up seeing the 1st year is that many people decide that what they came to school to do (i.e. in their app they said they wanted to become a management consultant) was not as exciting as something else they were exposed to early in the 1st year (i.e. they change their mind and decide they want to work at a hedge fund). I think that potential for change is somewhat expected and understood, although you definitely want to go in with a fairly defined vision and plan of what you want to do at CBS in your application.

There are a variety of classes that are tech and new media focused as well as activities (like the Silicon Valley Trek) that cater to applicants and students who are interested in taking that kind of career path.

Does this help? Feel free to post some follow up questions in the comments and I'll try to answer them as best I can.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks a lot. I will ask questions after some more research. I always leave a comment on your blog whenever you report something new :-). Wishing u luck.

Photor said...

Hi John.

I am also interested in applying for Fall 09. I also graduated in 99 w/BS in computer science, but I've been w/the same company since then. How does CBS consider such candidates with long years of experience but w/relatively low variety? I've been working within the company to become an IT director/CIO and I'm thinking the MBA at CBS would greatly enhance my business management skills and widen my views (through programs such as Silicon Valley Trek).

Photor said...
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John said...

I don't think its a negative or a positive - it depends what you got out of the experience and how you can convey that to the adcom. I know that isn't terribly specific but I think it's true. Best of luck and let me know if you have other questions.


Futz said...


I found your blog in a rather wierd manner. I googled "strategy formulation" and " Columbia" and viola!.

You probably get this very often, by I need advice on applying to Columbia.Would be grateful if you can share your email id unless you are ok with me asking you directly on your blog.


Anonymous said...

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