Sunday, August 24, 2008

launching new blog

Hey all -- I have just launched a new blog ( that will be focused on VC, technology, innovation, and probably include a bit about my life as well. I hope you all continue to stick with me and follow along with the new blog. I won't be updating this blog any longer but I will keep responding to comments here, so feel free to reach out if one of my old posts seems interesting and you want to discuss!


Anonymous said...

you have not yet written about your girls yet.

John said...

I have a separate blog that covers the life of the twins, email me directly if you're interested in getting access.

Zi said...

For some reason my orignal comment dissappeared.

Hi John,

I stumbled on your blog while googling "strategy formulation", I wanted some advice on applying to CBS. I am interested in consulting and have an engineering background(european and north american work ex).

I wanted to know why you chose Columbia and also is there a reason why its a good school for mgmt consultants.

Any help would be appreciated.