Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1st official day of classes is complete and I learned a couple of things.

One -- I have a ton of work due next week :)

Two -- and more importantly -- all of my professors are excellent. Even in the drier subjects (Statistics and Accounting come to mind). If the Core curriculum is this good, I'm pretty confident the electives will be amazing.

I'm also starting to have that realization regarding choices and time management that everyone talks about but that you don't quite understand until you get to school. For example, do I work on my Accounting assignment that is due Monday this evening, or do some optional Stat practice problems? Do I take that exemption exam or skip it to attend a review session for a core course? Do I go see a visiting CEO speak on campus or do I get home early and spend some time with my wife? You get the point!

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Sumit said...


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