Monday, January 08, 2007

Well, I am banged up, tired, and overwhelmed, but having a great time at CBS so far! :)

Orientation has been very intense with plenty of workshops and classes starting to kick in. We have read a couple of cases so far, but they have been qualitative so far -- I guess we don't know enough stat, finance, and accounting to be useful! Also, there has been a big (much bigger than I thought going in) focus on soft skills. This has been done through lectures, cases, and even improv comedy (seriously). Today we had our first Stat class and tommorrow we start Accounting.

Socially, the place is great. Everyone has been super-friendly, and fun. Unfortunately, I had a little too much fun after orientation bowling night (Friday) and the late nights over the last week finally caught up with me. Thus, I am fighting a bit of a cold. :)

I'm looking forward to the clubs getting rolling next week as well as the return of the rest of the school from Spring Break. That also means the 1st Happy Hour of the semester, which I am sure will be pretty raucous (if last Saturday night's escapades apres-bowling were any indication)...

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