Wednesday, January 03, 2007


What a busy and crazy evening. We started our official 'orientation' at 5 pm this evening on campus with a cocktail reception for all the admitted students (complete with jazz band). After the reception we moved to a dinner in the same building (Low Library) where we sat in groups of 8 students at different tables. Dean Hubbard, the vice dean (name is escaping me), the president of the Graduate Business Association, and Linda Meehan (admissions director) all gave speeches.

Some interesting highlights and stats out of Linda's speech:

- 182 (don't hold me to the units digit :) new J-term students
- 51% international makeup, with Brazilians leading the pack
- 68% students are single
- In the class we have someone who has rode in rodeos, a Jordanian entrepreneur, someone who was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs, and a former Director of Operations at (shameless plug!)
- Penn was one of the top feeder schools for our class. Other Ivies were well represented as well.

After the dinner, I met my wife up at the Significant Others reception. She said it was quite good and she met alot of great people. Food wasn't bad, either :) After that she came to the 'afterparty' which was at a bar/lounge in the 70's on the West side. Tons of Columbia people, both new and old. The peer advisor team (look out for the blue polo shirts!) were in full effect and very friendly.

I also saw a couple of Penn folks during the night. One is a new student who dates a guy I went to high school with (could the world get any smaller?) and the other one was a fellow CS major who graduate the same year as me.

Called it a fairly early night and went home at 10:30pm or so. 8am start time tommorrow!

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Brian said...

John, congrats and glad to hear that you are off to the races. You may have inspired me to look into b-school also once I finish with the cert I am doing with Cornell. I'll keep checking back to see how things are going. Talk to you soon and enjoy your amazing networking experience.