Friday, February 02, 2007

Got some good news today. The InSITE folks want to bring me in for an interview tommorrow. If all goes well I could be an InSITE Fellow -- very exciting stuff.

Also gave rugby a try for the first time. We had our first practice which consisted of some drills, and then we played touch rugby (gotta start out light, right? :) I had a great time although I must admit I have little clue what I'm supposed to be doing on the field.

Also got my Statistics midterm back yesterday. I didn't do very well but mostly that was the virtue of me rushing and making stupid mistakes. It is something that has always bit me on tests and apparently it is still hanging around even after an 8 year academic hiatus! I know most MBAs will tell you that grades "don't matter" (well, unless you want to do banking or consulting), but it would have been nice to have scored better.

Our Strategy Formulation midterm case is due on Tuesday as well. It's about an injection molding company called Husky and we're (each study group) supposed to make recommendations about how the company should get through a bad patch. We're going to be presenting in class and some managers from Husky will actually be there as well to provide their real-life perspective. Pretty cool stuff.

Other than that, I'm going over one of my clustermate's apartment to watch the big game. Looking forward to relaxing over a beer and football. Enjoy your weekend!

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