Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I wanted to spend this post talking about the amazing opportunities that get sent our way at CBS, specifically around entrepreneurship. Yes, Columbia is a great place if you are a finance quant jock who is looking to make millions on Wall Street, but its also an awesome place for those who want to start their own business, and I think that aspect of the school doesn't get enough press.

Here are a few of the amazing entreprenuership opportunities that crossed my CBS inbox in the last few weeks...

1) inSITE: inSITE is a program that pairs CBS and NYU biz and law students interested in VC and entrepreneurship with NYC area entrepreneurs. The students help the entrepreneurs hone their business plans, VC pitches, etc and the students get a ton of practical experience and contacts. I'm applying to get involved (they only take 12 students per year) and would be thrilled if it all works out.

2) 1-800-FLOWERS: Apparently they are looking to enter some new markets and are looking for an entrepreneurial MBA to come in and help them evaluate the markets and then lead the charge to build a new business. Sounded interesting, although I'm off the market for at least another 16 months ;)

3) Startup Law workshop: In a couple of weeks, CEO (Columbia Entrepreneur's Organization) is bringing in a professor to talk about legal issues that commonly face startups. This will be great (and free) advice for those of us in the community who want to start our own businesses.

What's even cooler (scarier?) is that these opportunities have come up in a 3 week timeframe -- I can't begin to imagine what other cool stuff is going to come down the pipe during my stay at CBS. I'll keep you all posted!

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guymba said...

Man, I am an entrepreneur and I'm planning on opening a restaurant in NY. After reading this post,that's why Columbia remains my number one choice.