Friday, March 16, 2007

Many things to report...

1) Exams went fine, and I got my final grades in Statistics and Strategy Formulation. No surprises there. Did well in Accounting and am waiting on my Econ grade although I know I did OK on that one since the prof posted the answer key already.

2) Spring break...Trinidad & Tobago...Rugby team....awesome. I am very glad I went on the trip. I met alot of great people and played in a couple of games. Although there are a ton of rules I still don't know, I feel like I know enough to be dangerous and dare I say useful on the field :) I highly recommend Tobago if you're looking for a slow-paced, beachy vacation with not alot of hassles and everything close by. Trinidad was better for nightlife but we had to take cabs and buses everywhere. I even took in a cricket match while I was there. Don't ask me to explain the game, it's even more confusing to me than rugby.

3) Outrageous Business Plan Competition happened last night and today. Unfortunately the business idea that I worked on (an information market for street parking spaces) wasn't picked as a finalist. Nonetheless, my partner and I had fun doing it, especially when we had to get into the elevator at Uris and actually do an 'elevator pitch' for two minutes. It was also good experience to hear the kinds of questions the judges (alums and related folks who work in VC or who have started their own companies) asked the contestants.

4) I went to a presentation about the Lang Fund a couple of days ago. This is a VC fund that was established by the school to encourage student entrepreneurship. They will provide up to $50,000 (and sometimes more, if there are circumstances that warrant it) to businesses they feel have a real shot to make it. The process to apply for an investment from the fund is happening shortly, with the caveat that 1st years can participate but not receive funding (they want us to finish school first -- imagine that!). I would love to participate this time around, but given my workload I don't think I would have a solid business plan ready in time.

Next week is pretty busy, we have a finance case, a finance problem set, and accounting assignment due. It's hard to believe we are back into the academics already -- I could have used a longer break ;)

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