Friday, April 06, 2007

Just got back from rugby practice...we had pretty light attendance (I think people have gone home for Easter) so we played touch rugby in the gym. Still got a good workout, regardless of not being hit :)

Tonight I am going to freeze my a** off at Yankee Stadium watching the Yanks and O's. I am not a fan of the Yanks in the least (J-term Johnny is from Boston) and my wife is from Baltimore so you can count on us to root for the birds. What happened to all that spring weather we had last week!

Next week there is a ton of stuff going on. On Monday I'm having coffee with a classmate who used to work in the IT research industry. Both the General Management Club and the PE/VC club are holding happy hours on Tuesdy, my cluster is having a dinner at Dinosaur BBQ (not to be missed) on Wednesday, and on Friday I fly down to Duke with the rugby team and spend the weekend playing rugby against b-schools from around the world. Oh yeah, I have a couple of assignments due next week, too :)

More on the coffee with a classmate...I wanted to make a greater point here about making an effort to network outside of your clubs, group, cluster, etc. We were lucky that one of the guys who ran for GBA President compiled a list of all 1st years and their former companies and industries so it helped me track down folks who I thought would be interesting to speak with (and who I likely wouldn't have run across on my own). It's good to get outside of your b-school routine and just reach out to some new people - of course the issue, as always, is making the tradeoffs and finding the time to do it!

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