Saturday, May 12, 2007

Here is a question that came in related to my last post:

Johnny, can you provide more details about the new "track" system? Will a student be allowed to take track related courses outside of Business School, such as the School of Architecture if one is interested in the Real Estate concentration?

Regardless of the new track system, you are able to take some number of courses outside of CBS. For example, I know a couple of students who have taken a law school course. There is a limit to how many courses outside of CBS one can take, and I think the information is somewhere on the CBS website.

Just enjoying a weekend out of the city. My wife and I are in Baltimore this weekend hanging out with her family. Thursday night we had our first J-term happy hour up at Havana Central after which some of my clustermates (as well as some Cluster Y and Z'ers) hit S.O.B.'s down in Tribeca. They had some sort of jam band playing which wasn't too bad. Friday I managed to get out of bed at a decent time and have lunch with one of my former co-workers who is starting a software company. I also did some career related networking, and had a great phone call with someone from Cisco, who filled me in on how M&A/corp development jobs work over there. Really great stuff.

Next week we've got Wednesday off since it's graduation day. Good news: no class on Wednesday. Bad news: we make up the classes on Friday. However, this means I will get to attend the Wilson Sonsini Entrepreneur's college session at their office in midtown. For those who don't know, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati is arguably the premiere VC/tech law firm in Silcon Valley. They are running free sessions this summer that cover various aspects of starting a company. Very useful for budding entrepreneurs like myself! If you're in New York and have lunch hour off, I encourage you to attend!

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