Friday, May 18, 2007

It's weird, I feel like I was on vacation forever after 1st semester (even though we had less than a week off) and now its back to drinking from the b-school firehose. I had three assignments/cases due today which I think was the most stuff I've ever had due in one day.

Since the semester break I have begun my informal job hunt - namely, networking like crazy. I have been leveraging personal contacts as well as LinkedIn to find people in my target field/jobs. Oh yeah, I've made the decision to shoot for Corporate Development jobs at tech/media companies as well as venture capital. VC is _really_ hard to break into but I've been having a fair amount of success in getting conversations with our alums in the industry. Actually, both of the roles are pretty tightly related (Corp Dev guys buy the companies that the VCs are funding) so by learning about one role I feel like it adds to my knowledge in the other role as well.

Also, a note for folks who want to go the J-term route AND career-switch...DO NOT TAKE IT LIGHTLY. Because J-term has no summer internship, you will likely have a harder time getting into the jobs that have a very well-oiled recruiting factory. What I mean by that is the firms who get most of their incoming class out of the previous year's intern pool. This is particularly true with the investment banks. However, I think that moving to consulting is certainly possible (and there are many J-termers who career switch into consulting). Even without an internship, there are plenty of opportunities to 'be' a consultant either through clubs or classwork.

I guess my point is, if you were in marketing (or basketweaving, or non-profit) pre-MBA, and want that job on Wall Street, be ready to work harder than the September term students and put your networking hat on early.

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I am a career switcher looking to move into trading and related fields from IT / IT Consulting. I have 7+ years of WE in top tier firms.

I want to do the J-Term as I feel that the timing works better for me (I am from Australia). I also prefer a smaller class size. I am following your blog with interest. Would you please e-mail me on : for your impressions on the job hunting process as a J-Termer industry switcher ?