Saturday, August 11, 2007

vacation begins

Sorry for not posting in a while -- I have really tried hard all semester to get something substantive up on the blog every day or two, but with finals and getting ready for my trip (leaving for Vietnam tommorrow), I hardly have had time to breath.

I had one small assignment to finish up, which I did this evening, so now I am officially _done_ and I guess semi-officially a second year. I feel so much older and wiser (not really).

Hope everyone out there enjoys the rest of their summer, and I will peep you back at the latest at the end of the month and let you all know how the trip went. Of course, if I end up hitting an internet cafe while in Vietnam, you might hear an intermediate report :)


Anonymous said...

Why are you advertising your blog on Google? Is this some kind of business venture?

Anonymous said...


just came across this - someone writing about the daily grind of a management consultant.

You think this is for real?

John said...

Re: advertising, I am trying to build a larger audience for the blog and learn more about internet advertising at the same time, so I have started to purchase some Google adwords related to my blog. I don't make any money when the ads are viewed or clicked. In fact, I have to pay when they are clicked. So it's not much of a business venture at this point :)

Re:, I worked in the consulting arm of a software company before going back to school and alot of it (shitty hotel rooms, serving multiple masters, etc) is pretty much spot on. However, I thought the plusses outweighed the minuses - not sure if this guy does :)