Friday, September 07, 2007

Back in the saddle

I'm baaaaack...

I hope everyone in the blogosphere is doing well. The first week of school has come and gone, and there is alot to report.

My trip to Vietnam was great. My wife and I had a great time and we really enjoyed the country and especially the people. It's a great trip to make, especially if you are on a budget. Getting there is the most expensive part, everything else is _very_ affordable.

Tuesday was our first day of school. We didn't have classes, but instead had 'reorientation'. This consisted of some presentations, lunch, a reception (with the best food I've had at CBS since J-term orientation!), and finally a big party at the old CBS standby Evelyn Lounge.

Wednesday we started classes, although I only had two. Actually, that's part of the beauty of my schedule. I am done with classes by 2pm on Wednesday. Then, I can use the latter part of the week for working at my internship, or traveling.

Thursday night was the first Happy Hour, followed by the South Asian Business Association club party (at some club on Columbus).

The career craziness hasn't begun just yet but I think it all gets kicked off next week. I won't be busy with recruiting personally since I'm not going the i-banking/consulting route but I will do a couple of informationals and a couple of interviews during the semester.

Thanks for reading and I will be posting more frequently now that we're back in session.


simple man said...

Welcome back

I agree that Vietnam is a great place to visit on a student budget...

One Quick Q?

GSB Columbia is conducting a info session today which i will be attending? Is there any chance that you will be around and can catch up with applicants?

'Why an MBA?'

Monday, September 10, 2007 at 6:30pm

Low Memorial Library, Rotunda
535 West 116th Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam)
New York, NY 10027

John said...

I won't be able to make it, unfortunately. I am meeting another prospective at Happy Hour this week (Thursday night) so if you'd like to come up, let me know.

Anonymous said...

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simple man said...

Thanks John

I would love to join for the Happy hour meet on thursday!

Dropped an email to get the address etc


John said...

Just one thing -- it's not really a formal meeting. I am meeting the other person at 8pm, so if you can be there in front of Uris Hall at that time, it would be great. Then I can sign you both in.

John said...

Simple man--
Please leave me a way to contact you on Thursday (phone or email). Thanks.

simple man said...

Thanks John

I tried to send an email from your blog and couldn't locate any send email option !

You can send me an email from my blog or to reach me just use the below grandcentral call me button from my blog

Once again, Thanks much appreciated