Friday, September 28, 2007

Lazy Friday

Another week at b-school come and gone and only 2+ weeks until my jaunt to Tokyo. Good news on the VC front -- it looks like I finally nailed down that internship! I spoke to the partner who I'd be assisting and it seemed to go really well. So now all that remains should be some paperwork and I'l be off to the races. Also just set up a lunch with one of our recent alums at a local VC firm - gotta start planting the job hunt seeds (the big push for me will be next semester).

As I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, last night my Business, Technology, and Innovation class went to visit Carl Icahn at his office on the 40-something-th floor of the GM building. His offices were very well apportioned, and there were lots of pictures of predatory animals and people fighting wars. He talked to us for about 45 minutes, told us about his take on corporate America (summary: it's incredibly wasteful and most managers don't know what they're doing), and how he feels it is his moral duty to help clean it up. I enjoyed it alot and it's definitely made my personal highlights list for things that I've experienced since coming to CBS.

After Happy Hour last night I hit a diner with some fwllow J-termers and happened to be sitting near a guy who is going hard at the investment banking thing. He has no prior experience in finance and apparently he has been getting called/recruited directly by some banks. He feels like hiring has been robust and he is confident he will have a job. He did admit that he would have to work harder than September term folks, but he knew that going in, and seems like he is on the right track to land a good position.

The other big news is that today at 5pm is the deadline for McKinsey resume drop. I am sure lots of folks are working on their resumes right now :)

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