Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2009 J-term class to remain as 3 clusters!

Hello from Japan. This just came in from Kabir Ahuja, J-term president:

Dear J - Term,

It is my pleasure to share with you the news that there will be 3 clusters for the 2009 J-Term class. Although originally one cluster was slated to be dropped due to congestion of physical and teaching facilities, the administration has decided to keep the J-Term the same size. This decision was made in partnership with the student government.

One of the main drivers behind the decision to keep 3 clusters was the experience we have had at Columbia Business School so far; our class size allowed us to network across a large base while still being a close-knit group. We were also able to hold significant recruiting and social events due in part to having critical mass in terms of number of people.

Feel free to share this news. An official announcement and article will be included in the next issue of the Bottom Line.

For all with interviews, best of luck!

Thank you,



Anonymous said...

Does the "2009 J-term class" refer to the class entering in 2009 or graduating in 2009?

John said...

Graduating in 2009

Usman said...

Would this decision (i.e. to enroll 3 clusters) also apply to the J-term class of 2010?

John said...

Usman -- I'm not sure. I haven't heard anything to the contrary but if you're concerned you might want to check in w/admissions. I know they hang out on the BusinessWeek boards.


Anonymous said...

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