Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Google interview

I was notified I got invited to interview w/Google for a product management position. This is one of only two companies that I've dropped resumes for via on campus recruiting, so I'm going to bat at least .500 :) My interview will be two back-to-back 45 minute interviews on campus, and then I guess if they like me I get to visit them onsite (I'm guessing in NY but who knows).

Went to the Tsujiki Fish Market this morning at about 6am and watched the end of the daily fish auction. I have never seen more fish (especially tuna) in my entire life. It was very hustle bustle at the market, lots of guys pulling carts and driving around little trucks. After walking around we went to Daiwa for some sushi. I have never had fresher sushi in my life - yummy.

Today I'm thinking I'll head over to the Tokyo dome and hit the Japan Baseball Hall of Fame. The Red Sox are playing Game 1 of the World Series right now but I feel like I should probably enjoy the city since I'm only here for a few more days.

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Anonymous said...

google does not interview many folks and it is a very good sign. Getting a job with google these days is way more difficult than getting a job with Goldman or Mck for instance. So congrats big time and GOOD LUCK. GO FOR IT and please keep on commenting on recruiting activities (consulting, IB and industry even though you are interested in them. Thank you so much).