Saturday, October 13, 2007

Relaxing in Maryland

My wife and I are down on the Maryland coast hanging out with her family this weekend. I'm procrastinating on the financial model I was going to work on and instead am watching my beloved Red Sox. We're losing to The Tribe 5-3 so it's definitely winnable, although you never like to be down against a team like them. Big Papi is at the plate now so maybe he'll do something...

The World Business Forum ended off well. On Day 2 I saw Herb Kelleher (Southwest Airlines), Michael Eisner, and Gary Kasparov speak. Herb was my favorite, with Kasparov a close second. I can see why people love working at Southwest - they have a great, charismatic leader, who seems like a regular person to boot. Definitely inspiring stuff. If you're at CBS next year, and you have a chance, you should volunteer for the event because you'll never get a group of such high caliber speakers in one place at one time.

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