Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Special Guest in class today, interview updates

Fred Wilson was one of the guests in Adam Dell's Business Technology and Innovation class today. Fred is one of the two partners at a premiere NYC VC firm called Union Square Ventures and really well respected in the US venture community. He talked about his career in VC, how he ended up doing what he is doing, and touched on some industry trends. I also got to ask him a question about one of his portfolio companies, Etsy. Fred's firm is very small and I don't know if they'll add staff any time soon, but I am positive it would be an awesome place to start a career in venture capital.

Second, I wanted to give some anecdotal updates on interviewing invites for my fellow J-termers, specifically related to consulting jobs. I have spoken to more than one person who received an invite from McKinsey, and everyone I talked to (maybe 4 people who had not worked in consulting previously) who was looking for a consulting job got some interviews. Of course this by no means guarantees anything related to final job outcomes, but it's certainly an encouraging first step.

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