Saturday, November 10, 2007

Don't worry (or, J-term jobs)

Over the past couple of weeks the job search results of my classmates have been trickling in, and by and large they are quite positive. The guys who wanted i-Banking jobs have got them. And no, they didn't work in i-banking before, and they didn't have internships. They did have to work a bit harder since they didn't have a summer internship with a bank to help get their foot in the door, but they all figured out how to make it work. Now that I am seeing our J-term in action, I am confident in saying that folks should not have problems getting into banking if they really want to do it and put in the time on networking, informationals, and interviewing. Haven't heard as much about consulting but I will keep everyone posted (although one guy picked up a McKinsey offer - he was in consulting before school, but not w/McKinsey).

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