Saturday, November 17, 2007

I figured I would take this opportunity to plug one of the startups I'm working with. I've been helping them out since the summer and been having a great experience so far.

The startup is called and they allow you to record phone calls from any phone, any time, any place, without buying additional hardware or software. You can signup online and start recording calls within minutes.

It's a very useful service and has helped multiple people avoid lawsuits (he-said-she-said stuff is easy to prove when you have a recorded phone conversation backing you up). It's also useful for personal stuff - we had a customer who was trying to memorialize a voicemail message that was about to be deleted from her box. The voicemail was from a loved one who had just passed away, and so she was able to transfer it to her account where she now has permanent access. There are also tons of other uses, which I won't get into here.

Here is some recent press about the service and also something written up about us on

OK, the advertisement is over :) But I would encourage you to check out the service if you have a chance. You can get your 1st 15 minutes of recording free if you register with the code 15FREE.

Thanks for listening and back to your regularly scheduled business school related programming. :)


simple man said...

As a end user this is a bit complicated to record ur calls..No offense to you johnny but users dont want too many applications to make calls and record them..

check out, which was aquired by google..

they even have listenIn feature which is awesome..i hope by comparing these two services, you can get a better idea to run this ..

simple man said...

John said...

No problem -- we're in the early stages so all feedback is definitely welcome!

The way our service works is pretty easy for the user. They simply call an 800# from any phone (mobile, landline, skype, voip, doesn't matter) and then they punch in the number they want to call. At that point, the whole call is recorded.

Re: GrandCentral, we definitely keep an eye on them and we're trying to really focus exclusively on call recording, whereas they are trying to provide a complete solution around communications.

Anyways, we have a few hundred customers, so people are seeing the value of the service, but obviously the goal is to get mass market adoption.

Thanks for the feedback!

Shelby said...

I had to use this service one month, and now I do not need it anymore. Sadly, however, they have been charging me $4.95 for about 5 months that I have not used this service. I tried looking on their website for a way to delete my account, but NO where on there does it say, and they do not have a phone number. Please help...if you know how to cancel my account (before they charge me more), email me at Thanks!