Friday, December 07, 2007

Breakfast w/my old company

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post. Time is flying. My "senior" year is almost over...

This morning I had breakfast w/the gentleman who runs corpdev at my old company. Really nice guy, same age as me, and seemed excited to chat. At the end of breakfast he asked me to come out to meet the rest of the team in California, which is obviously a good sign.

The group does M&A as well as business development deals, so they are looking for flexible folks with multiple skill sets. And I wouldn't be surprised if they get into some early stage investing at some point in the next few years, which is obviously another area of interest. I like the diverse job responsibilities as well - I tend to fancy myself as a jack-of-all-trades, more than a specialist in one area.

I'm trying to get the interview to dovetail w/the Silicon Valley trek so I can minimize my travel. That would be nice if it worked out - and would also probably mean that they'd pay for my ticket! :)

Today I'm going to get going on my Entrepreneurial Finance take home final. It's a pretty meaty case with alot of moving parts. I have one other takehome final (Advanced Corporate Finance) and then I am basically done with finals (aside from a couple papers related to my independent study). I am looking forward to some R&R before my job hunt kicks into high gear.

Stay tuned for my next post where I plan on talking about Follies!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your job search……you have done an awesome job on this blog…..could you also please keep on telling us about the job recruiting status of your fellow J-term peers….did you participate in summer recruiting for j-term students…if so, how was it…thanks again


John said...


I think recruiting all-in-all is going well over all.

I think the hardest nut to crack was consulting this year. There were a bunch of people in J-term who got jobs @ McKinsey, but there were also a bunch of other folks who did not get any consulting offers.

That is different than i-banking, where the people who put in the networking effort, informationals, etc were able to crack in.

Regarding your other question, I did not participate in summer recruiting although many of my classmates did. Bain, Citibank, and a bunch of other companies came to visit J-term specifically over the summer term.