Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am getting boring in my old age

Tonight was the end-of-semester bash at a club in Chelsea. I had bought an advance ticket and was planning to go out with a friend first and then hit the party. However, said friend ended up having to work late and at that point I had lost pretty much all motivation to get off the couch. :)


Anonymous said...

Now that is an important topic and I would like to seek your opinion on this. In general, how open are your weekends? If managed properly, do you think that majority of homework assignments and group work can be done during the week and enjoy the weekends with some peace of mind?

Second, do you think that some of the J–termers in your class are also going after the internship opportunities being offered for the coming summer (summer 08)? I mean if internship is a big issue for IB-related jobs, why can’t J-termers do internship when they graduate and should they perform well, they can continue working for the banks in permanent position" Have you ever seen anyone doing that? Thank you so much for all of your help.

John said...

I think you can get most of your work done during the week if you make a focused effort. However, you may end up doing work on weekends in some cases. I know alot of study/project groups have a 'no weekends' policy as well. And plenty of people have significant others they go to see on weekends.

And if you're just worried about partying, I don't think school work is going to keep you in on a Friday or Saturday night. :)

Regarding the second question, I have not heard of J-termers going after summer internships for post-graduation.

Internship for IB jobs is not as big of a deal as I had made it out to be. As I didn't have any statistics to point at until people got jobs, I was a bit on the conservative side.

It turns out that all J-termers that I know in my year who wanted IB jobs got them (even those without and financial services experience).