Monday, December 17, 2007

Lots of great marketing internships

Here are the companies who are coming to interview 1st years for marketing internships in the next month or so:

December 18 – American Express, Marketing Manager
December 18 – Merck, Marketing Summer Intern
December 21 – Colgate-Palmolive Company, Global Marketing Development Program
January 2 – Diageo, Marketing (MBA) Intern
January 2 – Johnson & Johnson, Various Positions
January 3 – Honeywell, Marketing
January 7 – Google
January 7 - Ely Lilly, Marketing Associate Intern (International & Domestic)
January 7 – Pepperidge Farm Inc., Summer Internship
January 8 – Novartis, MBA Summer Intern
January 8 – The Dannon Company, Marketing Internship
January 9 – Coach, MBA Summer Internships
January 14 – Unilever, Brand/Product Management Internship
January 15 – Reckitt Benkiser, Marketing Summer Intern
January 18 – PepsiCo, LDP Internship


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update…you have been so what about J-termers who are in your class….they are of course not going to go after these internships….when did recruiting happen for actual job positions (not summer inter positions)……Is that recruiting going on in parallel to the summer internship recruiting as we speak?

John said...

There is still full-time recruiting going on (tech companies, startups, smaller banks and consulting firms).

The way it works is that the big financial services firms and consulting firms come to campus first. Thus, if you're targeting those firms, and you get a job, your job search is done in November of your 2nd year.

Anonymous said...

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