Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Media 'learning teams'

The Media Management Association (student club) recently set this up to help students land jobs in media. Here is a description of the program from a recent email to the MMA mailing list. I wonder if other clubs will follow their lead, or are already doing this informally (or formally)?

Learning Team FAQs

What are Learning Teams?

Learning teams are groups of students with similar interest that share information relevant to their media specific career goals.

Learning Team Goals?
To enhance employment prospects for MMA members by helping them to develop in depth market knowledge related to their unique interest and to foster friendship and cooperation amongst MMA members.

How do MMA Learning Teams work?
MMA members are matched with students who have very similar career goals, both industry and function. These students form an e-mail distribution list and are responsible to share at least one 1 article per week with their learning team.  Learning teams are also encouraged to attend industry focused networking events, share job info, and exchange contacts.

Additional Learning Team benefits
The MMA Education and Careers team is planning events just specifically for learning team members.  Early next semester, we will hold an event where learning team members will sit down with media executives and develop 5 and 10 year career plans.   Joining a learning team makes it easier for us to help you.

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