Friday, December 14, 2007

Scored a VC internship for next semester

Had a great meeting this morning with a local venture firm and they offered me an internship for the spring. Really great team and I feel like I'll get along with them well. Not sure what space(s) I will be investigating yet but there is a good chance I'll be looking at stuff in enterprise softwware. Also will be a good chance for me to look at deal flow coming in.

Yeah baby!


Simple Man said...

Congrats johnny

Singh said...

Hi Johnny

I am a prospective J-Term student for Columbia Jan 09.

I am an owner of a company and we deal with Oracle ERP Suply-Chain management. I am looking for columbia so as to expand my contact base.

I have a GMAT of 620 (quant 49; verbal 26). Pls advice whether J-term would be beneficial to me and also how competitve it is to enter J-Term.


John said...

Baruna -- I can't comment on your chances. I would put your best foot forward in the application process and see what happens. Every candidate is different and has strengths and weaknesses. If you would like to learn more about specific aspects of CBS, I would encourage you to look over the rest of my blog and also feel free to pose specific questions on posts of interest. If I can't answer your questions I can certainly try to find someone who can.

John said...

And thanks for the props Simple Man!