Sunday, February 24, 2008

Going public

Not that people couldn't have figured out who I am by looking at my recent blog post to CBS's site, or by other hints I've dropped along the way, but I figured now was as good a time as any to add some more transparency to my blog. To that end, I have added a LinkedIn badge on the upper right of the blog, which if clicked on will take you to my public LinkedIn profile.

Originally, when I started the blog, I wanted to remain as anonymous as possible, but now I'm interested in seeing how opening the kimono a bit more will change the level and type of interactivity on the site. Plus, I'm almost done with business school, so I'm running out of time to do this little experiment.


Anonymous said...

Awesome profile and experience. After seeing how much you have done in less time makes me feel low confident of getting to a good b-school.

John said...

That is flattering, but not the effect I was intending to have when I put up my LinkedIn profile :)

Don't psyche yourself out. B-school admissions are somewhat of a crapshoot (kind of like VC job hunting ;) and so put your best foot forward, apply to schools that are the best fit for you, and I'm sure something will catch.

Good luck and please keep in touch with how things are going.