Thursday, March 06, 2008

Career Management Center launches Guest Advisor Program

I didn't realize that this program was coming up, although based on the way the email is worded, I guess it has been in the works for a while.

This will complement nicely the very popular Executives in Residence program already in place at CBS. The EIR program is a way for current students to get one-on-one advising time with very senior executives across a variety of industries. Unfortunately, there isn't a web page (that I could find) on CBS's site that talks about the EIR program. But the calibre of execs is quite strong, and includes guys like Rich Zannino and Leo Hindery.

Here's the text of the email:

The Career Management Center is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot advising program. Thirteen Columbia Business School alumni (and one from HBS) are coming on board to advise students on a variety of industry-specific topics. These alumni, designated as Guest Advisors, cover a breadth of industries including Investment Management, Media, Social Enterprise, Private Equity, Health Care, Investment Banking, among many others.

This program will be rolled out in stages after spring break, but some of the Guest Advisors may have limited availability before then listed on COIN. Feel free to sign up with them then.

We are very excited to launch this pilot program and hope this will add an extra layer of expertise and support to your job search. We will look forward to sharing more information about this program in the coming weeks.

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