Tuesday, March 04, 2008

networking galore in Boston

Up in Boston area today. Met with a couple of venture firms, one of whom I did a project with last semester. Good conversations and we'll see where things go. Also met with a great guy from Sloan (2nd year student), who is looking to get back into the venture business (he worked in venture before b-school), traded notes, strategies, etc. It's really great to know I'm not alone in this job search!

Otherwise, planning on having dinner with my folks tonight and then head back to Boston tomorrow in the late morning. I'm looking forward to Spring Break (which officially starts tomorrow) - gonna get organized, pick up around the house, and, oh yeah, keep looking for a job :)


Srikanth G. said...
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Srikanth G. said...

Hi John, have a good time in Boston.

I am an applicant to the CBS MBA program and my application is currently under review. I will be in NYC this weekend and am planning to visit the campus on Monday. Since its spring break, there are no classes in session. Do you think there would be any other activities going-on on Monday? Are they going to be any students in the Uris Hall? Is there some place online where I can find more info about Monday activities?


John said...

Srikanth --

I don't think there will be much going on, but you could contact admissions and see if there is anything happening.