Thursday, March 27, 2008

Catching a breath

This afternoon around 3pm my official meetings ended after which I promptly camped out in a Starbucks here on University Ave and plotted my next move :) Namely, I am going up to Berkeley tonight to have dinner with a friend. And then tomorrow morning (very early in the morning) I will fly to LA to meet up w/Mrs J-Term Johnny and head to a wedding in Los Olivos (remember Sideways?). A nice, relaxed end to what was a productive 2 days here in Silicon Valley.

Although the relaxation isn't going to last for long...I have a paper to write for Tuesday for my Social Enterprise class, then more informationals next week! Also looking at a deal for one of the firms I've been in contact with, and helping out a portco of another. I am gonna need that Puerto Rico trip sooner rather than later...

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